How to use Midex Web Time Clock with Midex Time Control

First step is to enable Web Registration feature for the entire company and assign a password to each employee.

  1. Login to your Midex Time Control account:
  2. Expand Company panel
  3. Select the company and click on Edit Company button.
  4. Select Details Tab and make sure that you have correct Time Zone and Region set.  Modify these values if they are incorrect.
    1. Since our Midex Time Control server might not be in the same time zone as your company, you have to define the time zone in order for registration
  5. Select Registrations tab and if Web Registration enabled is not checked, then edit company and check this checkbox.
  6. Expand Employee panel
  7. Select one of the employees and click on Registration Types tab
  8. Click on Edit Employee button.
  9. Checkmark Web Registration enabled checkbox and assign password to this employee.
  10. Save changes
  11. Repeat steps 6 – 9 for each employee.

Now employees are now ready to use Web Time Clock.

  1. Go to Web Time Clock page:
  2. Each employee has to enter organization login, their employee number and the password that you have assigned them.
    1. If you only have one company in your organization, you can leave Company field blank.
    2. After first registration, Organization Login will be saved to avoid entering it each time.
  3. If each employee is punching in on their own computer, they can choose to remember their employee number for the next time.
  4. When all data is entered. Clock on Register button.

As soon as employee registers, you should be able to see his/her registration in Midex Time Control.

Follow this link to get more information about Web Time Clock module