HandPunch Admin

HandPunch Admin is a free HandPunch software allowing you to manage your HandPunch remotely from your desktop via Serial or TCP/IP connection.

Download free HandPunch Admin software and manage your HandPunch from your desktop.

Change date format in HandPunch

  1. Press [Clear] button and then [Enter] button.
  2. Enter your user ID and press [Enter] button.
  3. Place your hand.  If you are recognized, then you will see a message “ENTER PASSWORD”
  4. Enter [2] and press [Enter] button.  You should see “SET LANGUAGE” on the screen
  5. Enter [*] for No until you see in the screen “SET DATE FORMAT”
  6. Enter [#] for Yes.  You will see the first format in the list
  7. If this is the format that you like, enter [#] for yes, otherwise enter [*] for No several times until you see the format you want to keep
  8. Press [Clear] button to return to the main screen and make sure the time is correct.