HandPunch Admin

The easiest way to add a supervisor to HandPunch is to download the free HandPunch Admin software and do it remotely.

However, you can also add a new supervisor to HandPunch manually by following instructions below.

Add supervisor to HandPunch manually

  1. Press [Clear] button and then [Enter] button
  2. Enter your user ID and press [Enter] button
  3. Place your hand.  If you are recognized, then you will see a message “ENTER PASSWORD”
  4. Enter [4] and press [Enter] button.  You should now see on the screen “ADD EMPLOYEE” with options “* No # Yes”.
  5. Press [*] button once.   You should see on the screen “ADD SUPERVISOR” with options “* No # Yes”.  If you miss it, you can press [*] few times to loop through the menu until you see the “ADD SUPERVISOR” on the screen.
  6. Press [#] button for Yes
  7. Enter new supervisor’s ID and press [Enter] button
  8. Ask the supervisor to place their hand 3 times.  You should see on the screen “EMPLOYEE ENROLLED” and then “ADD EMPLOYEE” with options “* No # Yes”.
  9. If you want to add another supervisor, go to step 5.
  10. If you are finished, press [Clear] button.  You should see main display now.