HandPunch Admin

HandPunch Admin is a free HandPunch software allowing you to manage your HandPunch remotely from your desktop via Serial or TCP/IP connection.

Download free HandPunch Admin software and manage your HandPunch from your desktop.

Connect using Serial to TCP/IP Adapter

  1. In your HandPunch software, you need to connect via Network Connection.
  2. Check the Port – HandPunch uses default port 3001, but your converter might be using another port. Make sure you put the correct port into the HandPunch software that is configured in your adapter. Or change the port in your adapter to 3001.
  3. You have to check HandPunch address and make sure you put the same number in your HandPunch Software. Follow this link to see instruction on how to check/change the HandPunch address.
  4. Of course you need to know IP address of your adapter. Make sure you can ping it.

If you know IP address, port and device number, you should be able to connect through your HandPunch software.