TimeClock Service is a windows service which on schedule download user punches from the Fingerprint, Face Recognition and Card Reader time clocks, and saves it to an SQL Database.

TimeClock Service is designed for customers who already have an existing Time and Attendance software and are looking to integrate their existing time and attendance time clocks.  This service will download attendance logs from your Time Clock and save it to the database. In addition, TimeClock Service includes a built-in time synchronization.

You can setup your own Time and Attendance Software to read logs from the TimeClock Service database, or modify our database stored procedures to save attendance logs directly to your own data table.

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This TimeClock Service is compatible with all fingerprint reader, face recognition reader and card reader models by ZK Technology including U300C, US10C, S900, F300, US10-MAG, US10-B, US10-CR, US100, iClock702, iClock800 and uFace800.

TimeClock Service Features

  • Support Unlimited number of devices
  • Support Network and Serial connections
  • Downloads logs as often as every 5 minutes
  • Add/Edit/Delete Devices
  • Automatic time synchronization to correct time on time clocks
  • View Attendance (Punch) logs
  • View Error Logs

Additional Features

  • If you would like to suggest a feature, click here.
  • We offer customization to this product.  If you have any requirements that are not include in this out-of-the-box version, please contact us and speak to our specialists.