How to change Date and Time in the Fingerprint Reader

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  1. Press [Menu] button
  2. If this clock has at least one administrator, then you need to login using your finger or password.
  3. Use [Up] and [Down] buttons to select “Options” menu and press [OK] button.
  4. Use [Up] and [Down] buttons to select “System Opt” menu and press [OK] button.
  5. Use [Up] and [Down] buttons to select “Date Time” menu and press [OK] button.
  6. Use [Up] and [Down] buttons to switch between year, month, date, hour, minutes and seconds.  Highlight hours, use numerical keypad to enter new time and press [OK] button to save it.
  7. Press [Esc] button several times until you are back to the main screen.
  8. Check that the new time is correct.