Midex Time Control Express Edition is a FREE, cloud-based solution, ideal for small businesses with up to 25 employees and one location.

Its robust features will help you streamline your time and attendance needs, while providing you flexibility of online access from any computer…anywhere.

Don’t have a standalone time clock? The Express Edition includes Midex Web Time Clock, our web-based solution that enables employees to punch in online.

And the cost? As long as you have fewer than 25 employees, you don’t pay a cent. And you can continue to use the FREE account forever, with no obligation or credit card required. Paid editions start at only $25 month.

Midex Time Control

  • Move away from manual processes and implement a basic time and attendance solution that simplifies and automates the calculation and tracking of employee work hours with minimal investment.
  • Eliminate “buddy punching” (requires a biometric time clock)
  • Reduce administrative costs