Midex Software announces a release of Midex Time Control 2.0

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — Nov 1, 2012 – Midex Software is pleased to announce a release of Midex Time Control 2.0.  Midex Time Control is an online Time and Attendance software which helps companies to track their employee’s attendance.

Our Time and Attendance software serves two main purposes:

(1) Employee attendance tracking:  Making sure employees work scheduled time, come on time and do not leave early.

(2) Automatic calculation for payroll: Calculate total working hours including overtime, Paid Time Off, registration rounding and break deduction.

Midex Time Control comes in 4 different editions:  Express, Small Business, Premier and Enterprise.  In our latest version of Midex Time Control we have concentrated to enhance Enterprise edition by adding the following features:

  • Paid Time Off Accruals – User can assign to each employee number of hours he/she allows to use for each Paid Time Off item.  The hours can be assigned as constant or as a percent of total working hours.
  • Paid Time Off weekly calendar – User can assign Paid Time Off to employees using weekly calendar.
  • Export Editor – User can create a custom export template using our easy to use export editor.
  • Approval Mechanism – User can approve each pair of registrations.
  • Other minor enhancements.

Other features include from previous release (Depending on edition):

  • Multi-company support – User can track number of companies within the same system.  Each company can be in different location with its own rounding and overtime rules.
  • Overtime settings – Automatic overtime and double overtime calculation.  User can choose between weekly, daily or mixed overtime modes.
  • Registration Rounding – All registrations can be rounded to nearest 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes. Separate rules can be set for In and Out registrations.
  • Automatic Break Deduction – Specified number of minutes can be deducted each day of employee works more than specified number of hours.
  • Shift schedule – User can create a shift schedule and assign employees to these shifts.  Shifts can be cloned with assigned employees if it repeats in the following weeks.  In addition, with shifts, user can specify rounding to the beginning or end of the shift.
  • Paid Time Off – Employees can be given a Paid Time Off such as Sick Day, Vacation or Holiday for which they will get paid at the end of the pay period.  User can create addition Paid Time Off items.
  • User Management – Midex Time Control supports multi-user access.  Each user can be limited to a company or department, limited to some functionality of the program and assigned which reports and exports he/she allowed to use.

Midex Time Control is compatible with biometric time clocks: hand readers (HandPunch) and fingerprint reader; or non-biometric time clocks: proximity card readers, magnetic card readers and barcode readers.  When employees register using one of these standalone time clocks, data is automatically transferred to Midex server for users to have instant access to employees’ registrations.

In addition, Midex Time Control comes with our Web Time Clock.  This is a virtual time clock allowing employees to register using any internet browser including browsers on mobile devices.  User can allow all employees to use this virtual time clock or give permission to selected employees only.

At Midex Software we believe that customer has to be satisfied with the product and service they are receiving.  This is why we offer a fully functional, 30-days free trial of our software.  Customer can experience our product in their life work.   Finally, when customer purchase time clocks from us, they get additional credit depending on the device the purchase.

For evaluations:

You can review one of our online demos with preset sample data at Click on one of the “Demo” buttons under the login screen depending on the edition you want to evaluate.


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