Midex Software announces the release of a free software: HandPunch Attendance Manager 1.0.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Jan 7, 2013 – Midex Software is pleased to announce the release of another free HandPunch software: HandPunch Attendance Manager.  This program allows users to connect to their HandPunch device, download attendance logs and export the data to a CSV file.

In our first version of HandPunch Attendance Manager we included the following features:

  • Download attendance logs from HandPunch and view them in a grid
  • Delete unnecessary logs
  • Save all logs to a CSV file

Since HandPunch automatically deletes logs when they are downloaded, HandPunch Attendance Manager allows the user to save all original data to a dedicated store on the computer.  If the user decides to delete some attendance logs, the original data remains untouched and can be later reloaded if necessary.

The CSV file saved through HandPunch Attendance Manager can be uploaded to Midex Time Control Express.  Midex Time Control Express is a free online edition of Time and Attendance software allowing companies to track their employees’ working time. You can find out more information about Midex Time Control at

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