HandPunch Admin

The easiest way to calibrate HandPunch is to download the free HandPunch Admin software and do it remotely.

However, you can also calibrate HandPunch manually by following instructions below.

Calibrate HandPunch Manually

  1. Press [Clear] button and then [Enter] button.
  2. Enter your user ID and press [Enter] button.
  3. Place your hand.  If you are recognized, then you will see a message “ENTER PASSWORD”
  4. Enter [1] and press [Enter] button.  You should see “CALIBRATE” on the screen
  5. Enter [#] for Yes.  You will see “RECAL” on the screen with some parameters (*).
  6. Enter [#] for Yes.  Your device will be calibrated.
  7. Press [Clear] button to return to the main screen and make sure the time is correct.

* HandPunch Calibration values

R and C values represent the HandPunch sensor image alignment.  Acceptable values should be between +2 and -2, with zero being ideal.  If your HandPunch shows values outside of this range then HandPunch has a problem with hand recognition and may need to be repaired.

E value represents HandPunch sensor image quality.  Acceptable value is between 100 and 120, 100 being ideal.  If E value is above 120, your HandPunch may produce unreliable hand images when user registers.  The HandPunch can be cleaned to improve its functionality.  You can review our How to Clean HandPunch topic on step by step instructions.