How to delete user from Fingerprint Reader

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  1. Click on [Menu] button.
  2. If have at least one administrator, you will have to authenticate with the fingerprint or password to get into the menu.
  3. Use [Up]/[Down] buttons to select “User Management” and press [OK] button.
  4. Use [Up]/[Down] buttons to select “Delete” and press [OK] button.
  5. You can use [Up]/[Down] button to scroll through all your employees and find the one you want to delete, or you can simply enter their ID using a keypad.  Press [OK] button when you are done.
  6. Press [OK] to delete each fingerprint and/or password (if you have more than one fingerprint for this employee and password). Press [OK] one more time to delete actual employee.
  7. When you are done deleting all employees, press [ESC] button several times until you exit to the main screen.