Time and Attendance software as a service

When you are looking for a Time and Attendance or Workforce Management solution there are two choices: (1) buy the software which you will own, pay for it once, install and maintain it inside your organization, or (2) buy a service from a Time and Attendance solution provider and pay for the service monthly.

You can read my previous blog, where I’ve discussed What to consider when buying Time and Attendance Software.

Most Time and Attendance in a Cloud solution providers offer “all inclusive” package for one monthly fee.

1.       There is no installation involved.  You login through any internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.  Since it is a web application, it will work on PC, Apple and maybe even portable devices.  If you get a new computer, you simply load the program through your browser.

2.       You do not need to maintain a server or worry about database backup.  Time and Attendance solution provider takes care of the backups and server maintenance.  It is their responsibility to make sure that the software is running smoothly and database is backed up on regular basis.

3.       With most Time and Attendance solution providers in a Cloud, your monthly fee covers technical support and training.  If you get a new staff member, you would not need to spend time or money training them.

4.       You only pay for what you use.  When you buy your own Time and Attendance software, you have to pay for a license that supports specific number of employees.  For example if you have 90 employees, you might need to buy 100 licenses.  In Time and Attendance solution in a Cloud, you are paying only for the number of employees you have at any given time; so if you have more or less employees, monthly payment should adjust.

5.       It is much cheaper to get started with Time and Attendance software in a Cloud comparing to buying your own.  Usually monthly cost of such service will be at a fraction of a cost involved in buying the software to own.  This means that if you are not happy with the software after a few months, you can walk away without spending too much money.  This also drives the Software company to constantly strive to keep their customers happy by providing good customer support and enhancing their software with new features.

So if you would like to be using the latest version of a program, to always have access to technical support staff knowledgeable in the Time and Attendance software, and to have access to the software from anywhere in the world, you should consider Time and Attendance Software in a Cloud.