Scheduling vacation in Time and Attendance Software

When your employees take vacation, most of the time they are getting paid for it.  Some companies allow you to take paid time off regardless of how much you had worked.  Other companies pay you a percentage from the total salary that you received so far.

Scheduling vacation time for employees is typically done by a manager who must consider various factors (e.g. ensure that not too many people take vacation at the same time and everyone takes off the right number of days).

In our Time and Attendance software, Midex Time Control, we have implemented Paid Time Off (PTO) module.  In this module you can define any number of PTO items including vacation. You can also specify for each employee if he/she is getting paid a specific number of hours per year or a percentage of salary received to date.

In Midex Time Control, a manager creates a PTO schedule by assigning different PTO and employees right on a calendar.  This way a manager can see at a glance how many employees are on vacation at any given time.  In addition, when printing a Time Card or exporting a Time Card data to a file, vacation hours can be seen as a separate entry to be entered into Payroll software

Paid Time Off in Time and Attendnace Software.