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Buddy Punching

How to Stop ‘Buddy Punching’ and Prevent Employee Time Theft

Whether you’re a small business or a large organization, if you employ workers paid by the hour, you understand how important accurate timekeeping is to your company’s bottom line.

Chances are you have implemented some ...

The Midex 2018 Year in Review

The Midex Year in Review – plus a sneak peak into 2019 time management solutions

As the calendar year comes to an end, we celebrate another successful year at Midex Software and we continue to be thankful for the support of our valued customers.

In our ongoing effort to provide the best time management ...

Shift Scheduling

Simplify Employee Shift Scheduling

Is your organization still using spreadsheets to track employee shifts, or even less effective, paper schedules only to get frustrated every time a change occurs?

Managing employee schedules can be one of the most difficult ...

Time and Attendance Solution Provider

How to choose the right Time and Attendance solution provider

When it comes time to choose a Time and Attendance solution provider, it may seem like your options are endless. With each provider claiming that their devices and software are superior, how do you pick the best solution provider ...

uFace800 Time Clock

New all-in-one Time Clock

Earlier this year, we have introduced a new a multi-biometric, all-in-one Time Clock for Time and Attendance Software – uFace800. This time clock features fingerprint ...

ROI Human Error

Time and Attendance Software ROI – Human Error

The American Payroll Association (APA) conducted a study about typical human error factor when manually calculating payroll.  According to the results published in Paytech (the APA’s monthly magazine), the overpayment due to human ...

Midex Time Control – New Missing Attendance Registrations Report

Recently we have added a new report to our Time and Attendance software, called Missing Registrations.  This report is available in Small Business, Premier and Enterprise editions. This report shows a list of records when employees ...