Midex 2020 Year in Review

What a year 2020 has been! The pandemic significantly impacted our lives, our work, and our communities. Yet along with the challenges, it also demanded perseverance, creativity and hope, and we are continuing to grow our client base.

2020 marked 10 years since Midex Time Control was created. In this anniversary year, we successfully migrated all our customers to Midex Time Control version 4, while continuing to improve and add new functionality. We optimized software and upgraded hardware for better performance. We switched from Editions to Packages to make it easier for our customers to budget, and have the flexibility to select only the modules that each company needs. We introduced the Dashboard, a visually appealing snapshot of daily employee attendance. We integrated with BambooHR (human resources software), enhanced the Shift Scheduling Module, and added custom accrual rules to Paid Time Off Module.

To help keep businesses and communities safe, we introduced a new touchless clock – a palm reader (mPalm500) which allows employees to register using their palm, without touching any surfaces. Our existing touchless face reader (uFace800) has been upgraded to (mFace800) which stores more users and faces. We are working on integrating new time clocks with temperature detection, which will become available early 2021.

In the past year, we developed new software – TimeClock Gateway, which is a middleware software for companies who have existing Time and Attendance software, and are looking to integrate Midex / ZK devices with their existing system. TimeClock Gateway is available as hosted or on-site solution.

We have customized some of our products to meet unique customer requirements, and have worked on several interesting custom software projects.

We are grateful to our customers who continue to inspire us, and we are excited and hopeful about 2021! We wish everyone a healthy year ahead!