The Midex Year in Review – plus what’s in store for 2020 Time and Attendance

2019 year in review

The New Year is around the corner and marks the end of another big year at Midex Software. Our Time and Attendance client base has been growing with more and larger companies signing up for our service. We’ve also helped numerous Xpress Software clients migrate from their discontinued PayPunch solution to Midex Time Control.

We spent much of 2019 developing Midex Time Control version 4. We’ve completely rewritten the front end of the program, using newer web technologies, while maintaining the user experience you’ve come to know and enjoy from version 3. This new web technology will load faster in your browser and responds quicker to a user’s actions.

Another big focus of 2019 was to directly integrate Midex Time Control with our time clocks without the need of middleware software locally installed. Whenever employees are added/removed from Midex Time Control, it now automatically updates on the time clock. If there are multiple time clocks, then all employees are automatically synchronized among all clocks. Finally, employees can be enrolled directly from Midex Time Control without you leaving your desk. Other updates include: Enhancement of Paid Time Off Accruals; Employee Portal; as well as Shift and Paid Time Off Scheduling.

We’ve also upgraded our HandPunch Service application. This new update allows real-time backup and synchronization of all users, and makes it possible for you to remotely add/remove and enroll employees. We also made the export customizable to fit any CSV format.

2020 marks the 10-year anniversary of Midex Time Control and we have lots planned to celebrate the past decade. For starters, we’ll be migrating all our customers to version 4, while continuing to improve and add new functionality.

Our main focus this year will be to enhance the Employee Portal – allowing employees to request Vacation and other paid times off. We’re creating a Dashboard with your company’s workforce management insights like: who is at work, late, absent, total company working hours, overtime hours and more. We are also planning to begin work on email notifications.

We are continually working to improve our current functionality based on your feedback. Please email me or share your feedback in the comments section, below.

Thanks to all our customers and have a Happy New Year! We are looking forward to 2020!


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