Shift scheduling in Time and Attendance software

One of the most challenging features in Time and Attendance software is the shift scheduling mechanism.  When designing Midex Time Control, we have analyzed many companies’ employee scheduling patterns to come up with a universal scheduling mechanism that will work for most companies.

The first challenge was the fact that some companies do not want to use any type of scheduling at all.  Many other Time and Attendance software programs such as PayPunch are dependent on scheduling; without scheduling, registrations are not rounded and are not properly paired.  We have designed Midex Time Control in such a way that you do not have to use shift scheduling and your registration will still be properly rounded and paired.

For those companies that prefer to use scheduling in their Time and Attendance software, we have put a lot of thought into the user interface.  We wanted to make our design to look familiar and be easy to use.  First, you create a schedule just like you schedule appointments in Outlook or similar appointment scheduling software.  Then, you assign employees to this schedule by simply dragging their names over.

Another challenge was to make the schedule flexible.  In most Time and Attendance software or Workforce Management software you will have to create many static shifts and then schedule these shifts in the calendar.  The problem comes up when you want to make adjustments to these predefined shifts.  If you change any of the shift’s parameters, your schedule would be affected and registrations may get changed.  Another problem occurs if you want to modify a shift on one particular day only (as an exception); you would probably have to make a separate shift for that purpose.  In Midex Time Control we have designed scheduling in such a way that any changes in the future do not affect previous registrations.  In addition, after you schedule a shift, you can make any changes to this shift without affecting any other similar shifts.

There are many other thoughtful functionalities that we have incorporated to our Time and Attendance software.  We looked at the schedule from every angle and made it as flexible and user friendly as possible.

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