Save money using rounding in Time and Attendance Software

An employee will typically not punch in or out at the exact time when he/she is supposed to start or end work. Likely, they would punch in at least a few minutes before their shift starts and punch out at least a few minutes after their shift ends. Punching in a bit earlier or punching out a bit later results in extra time (and extra pay), which builds up and when multiplied by the number of employees in an organization might end up being a substantial amount.

On average, employees punch in 4 minutes before shift starts and punch out 4 minutes after shift ends, that is 8 minutes of extra time per employee per day. If employee works 5 days per week, this adds up to 40 extra minutes of paid time.

Thus, if you have 50 employees, you are paying extra 2000 minutes or 33.3 hours per week. If the employees’ average salary is $20.00/hour, you are spending extra $666.00 per week for payroll.

Setting up rounding rules in your Time and Attendance software will save you money by not having to pay for this extra time.  It will also save time as it eliminates the need to go over each employee’s daily registrations.