Rounding in Time and Attendance Software

One of the important features in Time and Attendance software is rounding.  When employees punch in or out, in most cases, this time will get rounded.  For example, if someone punches in at 8:51 am, you might want to round the time to 8:45am or 9:00am. In addition, you might want to implement block rounding rule, where registrations get rounded to the beginning or end of the shift.

In Midex Time Control, we have implemented very advanced rounding functionality.  You can choose to disable the rounding feature or round to the nearest 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes.  You can also specify whether you want the program to round the time up or down.  Alternatively, you can determine whether you would like for all punch in or out times to be rounded to the beginning or end of the shifts.  You can also create separate rules depending if the employee punches in or out.