Biometric Time and Attendance Software

Many people are searching on Google for the term “Biometric Time and Attendance Software.” What does it really mean?

There is no such thing as “Biometric Time and Attendance software”. “Biometrics” refers to the identification of people by their physical characteristics such as fingerprints, hands, eyes, face, etc.  “Time and Attendance Software” is a program that collects attendance information from various sources and presents it to a user in readable format.  Many Time and Attendance software also include features for rounding, calculating overtime, paid time off and scheduling.

Most Time and Attendance software work with some sort of Time Clock.  Some Time Clocks are “Biometric” and identify employees by their physical characteristics. Most popular biometric technologies on the market are fingerprint readers, HandPunch and Face recognition readers.

So if you are looking for “Biometric Time and Attendance Software”, try searching for “Time and Attendance Software” that is compatible with Biometric Time Clocks.