Time and Attendance System for Hotels

If you work in the Hotel industry and are looking for Time and Attendance or Workforce management system, then you need to consider few things.  Most hotels have many different departments and each of these departments has a manager or a supervisor, who is responsible for their employees’ attendance.  You want to make sure that the Time and Attendance software you choose has a user management system allowing each manager to have access only to their department(s).  General Manager (GM) or hotel owner, should be able to oversee attendance of all employees, see what changes each manager makes and why.

Another common issue in hotels is that employees’ schedules are very flexible.  In a hotel, there could be 10 cooks in the kitchen but they work 15 different shifts; one employee starts at 6am and goes home at 1pm, another, starts at 7am and goes home at 3pm, third works only on weekends, and so forth.  You want make sure that your Time and Attendance application has a flexible scheduling mechanism allowing you to create and maintain schedule the way you require.

Finally, there is an accountant who needs to print out all timecards and upload them to their payroll software, so you want to make sure there is an export module which will help you speed up the process.