HandPunch Service Release

In the past, we had requests from several customers to design a program which will automatically download logs from their HandPunch reader and upload the data to their in-house Time and Attendance Software. Typically, this would be a Windows Service, which periodically (e.g. every 30 minutes) connected to each of the HandPunch devices on the network, pulled attendance logs, and saved them to a database or some file.

We had developed numerous projects which slightly varied in functionality, but ultimately, had similar core. Since each client had their own database on the back-end, different cycle schedules and slightly varied in functionality, we had to create a separate project for each case. The problem with custom projects is the high cost. When any software is custom-built, the price depends on the number of hours spent. Such project could cost from $2,000 to $10,000 USD depending on the requested functionality.

We have reviewed several such projects and have decided to create a new product called HandPunch Service. This is a Windows Service application, that connects to all your HandPunches periodically, downloads attendance logs and saves to the MS SQL database. This programs comes with user interface module which allows you to add/modify/delete HandPunch time clocks, schedule when logs should be downloaded, and start/stop the Windows Service. In addition, in our first version of the program, we have implemented a time synchronization module which will automatically update time on your time clocks at the specified date and time.

Creating an out-of-the-box product, allowed us to price it at a fraction of the cost of a similar custom project. We have designed the database back-end using stored procedures to allow the user to modify them and integrate HandPunch Service to work with their own database structure.

For companies that are seeking additional functionality, we still offer customization to this product. Using HandPunch Service as a base, we can make modifications to meet user’s requirements.

Follow this link for more details about HandPunch Service.