Time and Attendance software with multiple locations

If your business has several locations and you want to centralize your Time and Attendance or Workforce Management data, you have to figure out a way to connect all the Time Clocks from each of your locations to your central office.  One way is to have VPN among all your locations so that your Time and Attendance software can download logs from the reader using local IP address.

If you do not have VPN setup, you can still connect to your Time Clock, but you have to set up port forwarding to allow your Workforce Management software to connect to your reader through Internet.  If you are using HandPunch by Ingersoll Rand, then you have to open a TCP port 3001.  If you are using Time Clock by ZK Technology such as Fingerprint Reader, Proximity Card Reader, Barcode Reader or Magnetic Card Reader, then you have to forward UDP port 4370.  After you complete port forwarding, your Time and Attendance application will connect to your reader using the IP address of the remote location and the port that you have used for forwarding.

If you have dynamic IP at your remote locations then you can setup Dynamic DNS and use the domain name instead of the IP address to connect.

Instructions on how to connect to your HandPunch remotely can be found here.

Instructions on how to connect to your Fingerprint Reader remotely can be found here.