Real vs. Adjusted Report in Midex Time Control

Real vs Adjusted Report

We have recently added a new report to our Time and Attendance SoftwareMidex Time Control.  This report compares Real and Adjusted registrations and sums up the difference between the two.

Real Registration is the exact time when an employee punches in or out.  If you are using Small Business, Premier or Enterprise edition, then you can set up rounding rules under company settings.  For example, you can set up to round all punches to the nearest 15 minutes of an hour.  For example, when an employee punches in at 8:53, Midex Time Control will automatically round the time to 8:45 or 9:00 depending on how the rule was set up.

Once the registration is rounded, it is called Adjusted Registration and this is the time that is being used in the Time Card for payroll processing.  In the above example, if the Real Registration is 8:53 and Adjusted Registration is 9:00, then there is a 7-minute difference for which company does not pay for.  However, if time was to be rounded to 8:45, then company actually pays the employee for the 8 minutes that he/she did not work.

In addition to the general rounding, in our Premier and Enterprise editions, you could utilize shift scheduling and round time to the beginning or end of the shift.

Our new Real vs Adjusted report provides a detailed comparison between real and adjusted registrations, and calculates subtotals of how much time your company looses or saves due to rounding.