Time and Attendance Software for Retails Stores

One the main features to consider when implementing Time and Attendance software in retails stores is to be able to access all stores from the head office while giving each store manager full control of the system.

Many Time and Attendance software are designed to work in a single office. The program would be installed on a single computer which connects to your Time Clock and periodically downloads attendance logs. In some cases, you might be able to install Time and Attendance software on a few computers and connect them to the central database. However, it would be a challenge if you want to access the same data from a head office which could be in another building or even in a another city or country.

One of the solutions is use web based Time and Attendance software. You would need to install this software on a server at the head office, have all Time Clocks upload attendance logs to this server and then each store manager would have access to it through a web browser. Similarly, you might consider a cloud based Time and Attendance solutions, where everything is already setup for you in the cloud by your solution provider and you simply access the program through your web browser. In this case, you do not have to worry about setup, maintenance, backups and security.

If you prefer a single solution for all your stores, then you need to make sure that this Time and Attendance application support “multi-company”; you should be able to create a separate company for each store. In addition, if your stores are located in different states, provinces or even countries, then you want to be able to set different settings for each store. For example, in some states or provinces overtime is paid after 40 hours per week, in others, after 44 or 48. Finally, you need to make sure that you can create individual users who have limited access to a single store in which they work (such as managers) and users who have access to numerous stores (such as the head office staff).