Time and Attendance Software for Factories

If you are looking for a Time and Attendance for your factory or manufacturing business, then you need to consider what type of Time Clock will work in your environment and how long it will take for all employees to punch in or out at the beginning or end of each shift.

Some Biometric Time Clocks may not work well for your business.  For example, Fingerprint readers are not recommended for factories.  If employees’ hands are dirty, then the Fingerprint reader will not be able to read their fingerprints.  A HandPunch on the other hand, is a perfect Time Clock for such environment: it will read the employees’ hands even if they are dirty.  Alternatively, you can go for non-biometric Time Clocks like a Proximity Card, Magnetic Card or Barcode reader.

Another issue to consider is the number of Time Clocks you need.  In manufacturing business, there tends to be many employees working the same shift.  So everyone is starting and ending their work at the same time.  Imagine 50 employees trying to get to your Time Clock at the same time.  You need to consider how long it takes for each person to punch in or out.  If it takes 20 seconds for employee to punch in or out, then it will take more than 15 minutes for all 50 employees to punch in or out at the same time.  What if you have more than 50 employees?  You might need to get 2 or 3 Time Clocks.  In such case, make sure that your Time and Attendance software can handle multiple Time Clocks.