3 Things you need to know before choosing your Time and Attendance solution

Time and Attendance Solution - 3 things

Tracking employee hours is crucial to your bottom line, which makes the solution that manages time and attendance crucial to your business. Overpaying your employees costs your company money, while underpaying them can result in expensive legal and tax problems.

At Midex Software, we understand that with so many time and attendance options available, choosing the one which best suits your company’s needs can be hard.

With more than a decade in business, the Midex Software team has expertise in developing custom software solutions within the Time and Attendance industry, as well as providing IT consulting and support for healthcare, automotive, hospitality, manufacturing, and financial services.

Over the years, we’ve discovered a way to break it down so you can make the best decision for your business.

These are the 3 things you need to know when choosing your Time and Attendance solution:

  1. The software
  2. The hardware
  3. The provider

How to choose the right Time and Attendance Software

Time and attendance software can vary in the number of employees supported, admin restrictions, centralized data, location scalability and flexibility. In our blog, How to choose Time and Attendance software we analyze different software options to give you a clear picture of your ideal solution.

We cover desktop and web-based applications, hosting options, and feature combinations that can be customized to best suit your business. We also look at how different software solutions calculate employee rounding times, create schedules or verify punch-in times.

Learn more about choosing the right time and attendance software.

How to choose the right Time Clock

The time clock itself has one function – it identifies an employee and logs the time they registered. At Midex Software, we know that a unique Time Clock solution that is the right fit for your business needs can save you money and increase productivity.

In our blog: How to choose the best time clock for your business, we examine the differences between biometric and non-biometric time clocks and how to choose between them. We look at how employees punch in and out, if and how physical characteristics are tracked, security, suitable device environments and more.

The time clocks themselves can vary in the number of employees they support, the amount of data they can store (transactions), and how the devices themselves will be connected.

Get all of these insights and more when you learn how to choose the best time clock for your business

How to choose the right Time and Attendance Solution Provider

When it comes time to choose a Time and Attendance solution provider, it may seem like your options are endless. How do you pick the best solution provider for your company? In out article: How to choose the right Time and Attendance Solution provider, we show you how to do a time and attendance vendor comparison in 4 easy steps.

  1. We go over software stability, which includes updates, patches, and what to look for in a provider that cares about their customer.
  2. We discuss customer support, and how it can help with company productivity when there is an issue, or simply make it worse.
  3. We look at how company reputation plays factor in choosing a vendor, and what red flags to lookout for.
  4. We also look at the value of different Time and attendance solution providers, and how some solutions could save over $62,000 a year.

We break it all down in the blog: How to choose the right Time and Attendance Solution provider.

At Midex Software, we’re committed to providing you with the best possible customer support. All of our editions come with free, unlimited support and maintenance. If you are experiencing trouble with your software or hardware, not sure how to use some features or how to make changes to the device settings, Midex Software IT specialists are an email or a phone call away.

Choosing the right Time and Attendance solution does require some research. At Midex Software, we can help. Start your free trial today, and see why choosing Midex Time Control is the right choice for your bottom line.