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Are you still using Time Clock with Time Cards?

Are you still using an old-fashioned Time Clock with paper Time Cards?  How much time and effort do you spend each payroll period?

time clockFirst, you have to buy Time Cards which cost approximately 5 cents per card.  At the beginning …

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Update for HandPunch Attendance Manager – Version 1.0.3

We have released an update for HandPunch Attendance Manager.  The new version (1.0.3.) of our HandPunch software, the user can add new and modify existing registrations.

 Just like in our previous version, original attendance logs remain in the system …

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Download Attendance Logs from your Time Clock

We are proud to announce the release of our new free Time Clock software called Time Clock Attendance Manager. This software allows you to connect to your Fingerprint Reader or Card Reader, download attendance logs (registrations), add, modify …

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Daylight saving time – Don’t forget to change time on your Time Clock

With the upcoming daylight saving time (DST), clocks must be adjusted one hour back.  This is typically done on a Sunday at 2 a.m. but this may vary depending on the country.

When daylight saving time arrives, changing time on …

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Connecting to your Time Clock at remote site

Usually Time and Attendance or Workforce Management software is paired with a Biometric Time Clock (such as HandPunch or Fingerprint reader) or a non-biometric reader (such as Proximity Card reader, Barcode reader or Magnetic Card reader).  These are standalone readers …

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Time and Attendance software with multiple locations

If your business has several locations and you want to centralize your Time and Attendance or Workforce Management data, you have to figure out a way to connect all the Time Clocks from each of your locations to your central office.  One way …

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Time and Attendance Software for Factories

If you are looking for a Time and Attendance or Workforce management system for your factory or manufacturing business, then you need to consider what type of Time Clock will work in your environment and how long it will take …

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Time and Attendance System for Hotels

If you work in the Hotel industry and are looking for Time and Attendance or Workforce management system, then you need to consider few things.  Most hotels have many different departments and each of these departments has a manager or …

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Controlling your HandPunch remotely

Most Time Clocks manufacturers provide a Software Developing Kit (SDK) to allow programmers connect to and manage the device. It is a quick and convenient way to administer your device without having to physically be in front of it. Every …

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Do you need a backup battery for your Time Clock?

When shopping for Time Clock to be used with Time and Attendance software, you need to ask yourself if it is import for the Time Clock to continue functioning if there is a power failure in the building where …

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