Many companies are using HandPunch, which has been developed by Ingersoll Rand in collaboration with Schlage for their Time and Attendance System or for Access Control.   HandPunch device is one of the best Biometric Time Clock on the market which uses hand geometry to identify employees.


HandPunch LCDUnfortunately, HandPunch does not come with any software that will allow the user to manage the device remotely.  Most options are available through HandPunch menu, but it requires someone to be in front of the device to perform these actions.  HandPunch has a small LCD screen where only 2 lines of text can be displayed; this does not allow for a very user-friendly menu.


HandPunch LCDIn addition, the administrator has to remember all the menu options as they are not listed on the screen.    Once you log into the admin menu, a message is displayed: “ENTER PASSWORD.”  Here, it is not a password that is requested, but rather the user should enter a menu item 1 through 5.  For example, administrator must know that under “password” 1 you can calibrate the device, under “password” 4 you can add and delete users, and so forth.


Finally, there are some menu options, like changing default threshold for all users, are not even accessible through the HandPunch menu.


At Midex Software we have taken the challenge to develop HandPunch managing software which is called HandPunch Admin.  We are providing this software absolutely free.  We also offer a Time and Attendance online system called Midex Time Control.  In addition, we offer custom development solutions to customers who want to integrate HandPunch reader with their own Time and Attendance or ERP system.


About HandPunch Admin

HandPunch Admin works with one HandPunch device at a time.  Users can connect to the device via Serial or TCP/IP connection.  After connecting, the software will display (1) all device parameters; (2) current date and time settings; and (3) all users.


 HandPunch Admin


User can perform several actions

  1. Change default threshold value
  2. Calibrate device
  3. Set new Date and/or Time
  4. Add and delete users
  5. Modify individual user’s parameters like user’s name (HP4000 only), access lever, threshold and time zone
  6. Backup all users to CSV file and restore from CSV file
  7. Compare user’s template to see if they are similar.

If you are using HandPunch in your organization, HandPunch Admin is a tool that you must have.  And the best part: it is absolutely free.  You can download HandPunch Admin from our website at


HandPunch Admin Download
Download this HandPunch Admin Whitepaper