Why do we offer a free Time and Attendance software?

At Midex Software we had recently launched a free edition of Midex Time Control called Express.  This is a free online Time and Attendance software for companies with 10 employees or less.  Many customers are cautious about free software: they think that there is a catch when something is offered for free. Why are we offering a free edition?  What is the catch?

Reason 1:  This is one of our ways to market our Time and Attendance software.  Some companies spend a lot of money advertising their products on the internet, magazines and other media.  Instead, we offer a free product to attract new customers.

Reason 2: Many customers require a simple employee tracking solution and just want to download logs from these Time Clocks without any advanced data manipulation.  By offering free Time and Attendance software, we promote our Time Clocks (such as HandPunch, Fingerprint Reader, Face Reader and various Card Readers), which can be used with our software.

Reason 3: After using Midex Time Control Express, many of our customers realize how great this program is and upgrade to one of our paid editions to take advantage of other features that we offer.  You can see a comparison of features between editions at Compare Midex Time Control Editions page.

If you would like to implement a Time and Attendance solution in your organization, you might like to start with our free Midex Time Control Express edition.  Follow this link to sign up:  free Time and Attendance software.