Controlling your HandPunch remotely

Most Time Clocks manufacturers provide a Software Developing Kit (SDK) to allow programmers connect to and manage the device. It is a quick and convenient way to administer your device without having to physically be in front of it. Every manufacturer has its own SDK and functionality will be different depending on the clock and the interface that the manufacturer provides.

Some of the more common functions are:

  • Add/Edit/Delete users and supervisors (or administrators)
  • Change Date, Time, Date Format and Time Format
  • Download attendance logs from the Reader
  • For Access Controls devices, there are usually functions to modify Time Zones and assign them to users.

Some of Time Clocks such as the HandPunch have functions allowing you to calibrate the device, setup Daylight Saving Time, change users’ threshold and upgrade framework.

These SDKs are not very useful for most users. They are designed for developers to use in order to integrate their Time and Attendance Software with the Time Clock of their choice.

If you are looking for a HandPunch management application, Midex Software have developed a free tool called HandPunch Admin which will allow you to remotely connect to your HandPunch and view all users; you can then export users to a CSV file or delete selected users. We continue to expand the functionality of the free HandPunch Admin: check our website often for upgrades!

This tool is free and you can use it without any restrictions. Download HandPunch Admin.