Adjusting your Time Clock to Daylight Saving Time

It is this time of the year again when we have to switch to Daylight Saving Time and have to adjust our clocks one hour forwards. If you are using a Time Clock with Time and Attendance system to track your employees’ time, then you will need to adjust the time on this device.  There are few things to keep in mind.

First, you should find out if your Time Clock has Daylight Saving Time feature.  This function allows you to specify the date and time of Daylight Saving Time and the Time Clock would automatically adjust time forwards.  This is a very helpful feature, but could also cause problems: each year the date of Daylight Saving Time changes and you would need to make sure that you are adjusting this setting every year.

If your Time Clock does not have Daylight Saving Time feature or it is not set up, then you will need to adjust the time manually.  If your employees do not work overnight, then adjust the clock after everyone is done their work the day before or before everyone starts their work the day after.

It is more complicated if your company works overnight on weekends.  If you adjust the time on your Time Clock during someone’s shift, then this person can gain an extra hour.  After you adjust your Time Clock, you have to make sure you adjust the time in your Time and Attendance Software for the employees that may have been affected by this change.

Here are links with instructions to adjust time in your Time Clock:
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