Midex Time Control is a cloud-based Time and Attendance solution that allows companies to automate payroll processing by tracking employees’ time at work, paid time off (sick days, vacation, statutory holidays, leaves of absence, etc.), union wages, overtime, shift scheduling, part-time/seasonal labour.

Midex Time Control is available for any sized organization, from our Free Express package, to our robust Enterprise edition. Our solutions are fully compatible with biometric and non-biometric standalone time clocks

Multiple Companies (Premier and Enterprise editions)

Midex Time Control Premier and Enterprise editions allow you to create and track many companies within the same account. Each company has its own rounding, scheduling and other settings. Companies can even be located in different time zones.

Departments (All edition)

Departments are sub-groups of the company and you can create as many departments as you like. In the Enterprise edition, you may limit a user to a single department. The department summary is captured in the reporting process.

Sub-Departments (Premier and Enterprise editions)

Sub-Departments like departments, allow you  to group employees for easier management.  In the Enterprise edition, you may limit a user to a single sub-department.

Employees (Small Business, Premier and Enterprise editions)

There is no limit to how many employees you can add. You will only be charged for employees that have registered at least once during the month.

Employees can work for more than one company (Enterprise edition)

In Midex Time Control Enterprise edition, you can assign the same employee to work for more than one company.   When the Time Card is generated, all working hours with overtimes calculations will properly be distributed between all companies where the same employee has worked.

Rounding (Small Business, Premier and Enterprise editions)

All registrations entered through either standalone Time Clock or Web Time Clock can be rounded.  You can set rounding to 0, 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes, you can specify when the registration should round up or down, and you can specify different rounding rules for punching in and out. In addition, with Midex Time Control Premier and Enterprise edition, you can set rounding to the beginning or end of the shift.

Break Deduction (Small Business, Premier and Enterprise editions)

In all editions of Midex Time Control, you can set an automatic break deduction. When an employee works more than his/her specified number of hours, the system will automatically deduct break time when calculating the Time Card report. In Premier and Enterprise editions, even if you have set break deductions for the whole company, you can make exceptions not to deduct in individual shifts. In Enterprise edition, company break deduction can be overwritten at the department level allowing to set different break deduction for departments.

Overtime Calculation (Small Business, Premier and Enterprise editions)

Midex Time Control support 3 different overtime scenarios: Weekly, Daily and Mixed (a combination of Weekly and Mixed).  In additional to overtime, a double overtime may be calculated as well.  In Enterprise edition, company overtime setting can be overwritten at the department level allowing to set different overtime for individual departments.

Attendance Approval (Enterprise edition)

In Midex Time Control Enterprise edition, you can approve each registration pair.  After approval, the registration pair becomes locked and cannot be broken up. You can then review all unapproved registration through the Unapproved Registrations report. This function can be set as a separate permission for authorized users only.

Shift Schedule (Premier and Enterprise editions)

Midex Time Control Premier and Enterprise editions comes with an advanced scheduling mechanism module.  You can create a working schedule by adding shifts to a calendar and assigning employees to these shifts.  In addition, in the Enterprise edition you can clone schedules to other weeks. Each shift can have its own parameters which will help you track employee punctuation and attendance.

Shift Templates (Enterprise edition)

In Midex Time Control Enterprise edition, you can create shift templates which you can to use later when creating schedules.

Paid Time Off (Premier and Enterprise editions)

In Premier and Enterprise editions, you can create a PTO (Paid Time Off) schedule such as Holidays, Vacation and Sick Days, so that employees get paid for these days that they don’t come to work.  In addition, if employees do come to work, Midex Time Control will keep track of these hours separately and you will see it in the Time Card.  This will allow you to adjust compensation accordingly for these hours.

Paid Time Off Accruals (Enterprise edition)

With Midex Time Control Enterprise, you can setup how many hours each employee is eligible for Paid Time Offs such as Vacation or Sick Days can be accruals.  Accruals can be setup as a set number of hours or as a percentage of total hours worked.  In addition, if all Paid Time Off hours were not used, it can be carried over to the next year.  When assigning Paid Time Off, Midex Time Control will automatically calculate for you how many hours were taken so far and how many are left over.

Reports (Varies per edition)

Midex Time Control comes with various reports to help you summarize the results.  Custom reports can be created for any company, and any edition (feature permitting).  Please contact us for more information.

Export (Small Business, Premier and Enterprise editions)

You can export your Time Card to a CSV file in order to integrate it with your payroll system. In addition, you can design your own export template or pick from one of our predefined templates.

User Management (Premier and Enterprise editions)

With Midex Time Premier and Enterprise editions you can create any number of users who will have access to your account, each own login credentials to help you track who is making changes.  In Premier edition all users will have the same administrator access levels. In Enterprise edition, you can assign a set of companies or departments based on a user, list of reports this user can view, and set of permissions giving them access to limited functionality of the program.

Registration Methods (All editions)

All editions of Midex Time Control are compatible with standalone time clocks: HandPunch, Fingerprint Readers, Face Readers and Card Readers.  In addition, we have a virtual Web Time Clock module allowing employees to register through a website using an individually-assigned password.

Employee Portal (Premier & Enterprise editions)

Employee Portal allows employees to login via web browser (mobile browser included) to view their own time card.  This features is included in Enterprise edition but can be purchased as an add-on for other editions.

Automatic Registration Upload (Small Business, Premier and Enterprise editions)

If you are using one of the compatible Time Clocks with Midex Time Control, the employee registrations in the Time Clock must be uploaded onto server in order to view it through Midex Time Control.  We have developed a Windows Service application which can run on in the background on one of your computers, to periodically collect registrations from your Time Clock and upload them to our server.