Devices Tab

Before you can use HandPunch Service, you have to add devices to the list which will be queried.

Add Device

  1. Click on Add Device button and a new window will be displayed
  2. Specify all parameters
    1. ID – this is a unique ID that you need to assign to the HandPunch. This ID will be used on the backend when registration logs are pulled to tell you which device it was pulled from.
    2. Active – you can activate or deactivate devices without deleting them from the list. If device is not Active, then HandPunch Service will not be connecting to it to pull logs.
    3. Name – Any name that would help you identify the device. This name will be used when error log is generated and will help you troubleshoot the problem
    4. IP or Host – Typically, if all your HandPunches are on the local network, then you would enter a local IP address that you have assigned to the HandPunch. However, if your device is at a remote location, you can enter the domain name instead. You can read our How To topic “How to connect to HandPunch from a remote location“.
    5. Port – If your are connecting your HandPunch using local IP address, then Port should be 3001. However, if you are connecting to a remote location, then port may be different depending how you set it up. You can read our How To topic “How to connect to HandPunch from a remote location“.
    6. Address – If your HandPunch has a built-in network card, then this parameter should be set to 0. Then only time you need to change this value, if your HandPunch has a Serial Connection and you are using Serial to TCP/IP converter.  You can read our How To topic “How to change HandPunch address“.
    7. Timeout – This the timeout setting for the connection to the HandPunch. The default value is 6 seconds.  You should leave it to default unless you know that your network connection is slow (typically of it is at the remote location)
    8. Time Zone – Specify time zone where HandPunch is located.  Time zone is important if you use time synchronization.

Edit Device

If you need to make any changes to the device settings, you can select the device from the list and click on the Edit Device button.

Delete Device

If you need to delete the device, select device from the list and click on the Delete Device button.  However, if there are registrations in the database which were pulled from this device, you will not be able to delete this device.  You should deactivate it instead.

Service Tab

This panel allows you to manage your HandPuch Windows Service without need to go the Window Services console.  You can start, stop and restart your service directly from this tab.  If you have started HandPunch Service Manager in non-administrative mode, then additional window will pop-up and request administrative permissions.  Click on Yes to allow.  The reason for this additional permission request is because windows service can only be started under Administrator’s account.

When service is started (or restarted), the program will pull logs from all your active devices in the list*.  It will then wait until the next cycle to repeat the process.

*During a Trial Mode ONLY, service will not pull attendance logs when started.  You need to press Download Request button for logs to be downloaded.  After you press Download Request button, you can either restart the service or wait until next cycle is scheduled to pull logs.  ONLY 5 logs will be downloaded at a time.


This panel allows you setup schedule for downloading logs, synchronize time and schedule user backups

  1. Attendance Log Download Setting – setting how frequently attendance logs (punches) are downloaded from the HandPunch.  You can download it as frequently as every 5 minutes.  The timer starts when windows service is started.
  2. Time Synchronization Settings – if you want to automatically update time on your HandPunch, you can specify which days of the week you want to perform synchronization and the time of the day.  You can choose to take time from an SQL server or from your operating system.  We recommend not to set 2am time because this is frequently when time is changed during switch for daylight saving time.
  3. Backup Settings – you can setup a schedule when to backup users from the HandPunch.  You can specify which days of the week you want to perform user backup and the time of the day.  This is a time consuming operation, so we recommend to do it when HandPunch is used less frequently, ex. middle of the night or on a weekend.  You can also specify number of backup to retain.  HandPunch Service will automatically delete older backups.

Error Logs Tab

This panel displays all error logs that occurred during the executing of the HandPunch Service.  This will help you troubleshoot any device connection issues.

Attendance Logs Tab

You can see all attendance logs in this panel.  You can specify date from and date to see longs within a specific range.

User Backup Tab

If you choose to backup users, you can view these backups under User Backup tab.  You have an option of loading backups from a specific date or latest backup of all users whenever it was last time performed.

  1. If you would like to load backup back to the HandPunch, you can export selected users to a CSV (text file) and then later use our free HandPunch Admin software to upload it back to the HandPunch.
  2. If you do not need to store backup for some users, you can select user(s) and click on delete button to have it permanently deleted from the backup.  Note, this does not delete user from the HandPunch.  If you need to delete user from the HandPunch use our free HandPunch Admin software.

Installing Database

NOTE: Your server must support Mixed Mode Authentication

When you start the program for the first time, you will be prompted to install database.  You need to specify your server name and either choose Windows Authentication or specify user’s login and password who has permission to master database.

After installation, HandPunch Service will create its own user login and use that login to access the database.  Username and password that you provide during this process is NOT going to be used or stored anywhere.

Customization, Integration and OEM

HandPunch Service is designed to be integrated to an existing Time and Attendance Software.  Once database is installed, you should review the database structure.  Here are few main points:

  • HandPunch Service and HandPunch Service Manager communicate with database through Stored Procedures. This mean that you can modify the content of the Stored Procedure. Input parameters and output tables must stay the same.
  • All registrations are saved to AttendanceLogs table. You can read records from this table and push it into your own database.  Alternatively, you can modify SP_AddAttLog stored procedure to push registrations directly to your database.

We offer customization and assistance with integration for this product.  In addition, we can customize the program to reflect your company information and design. If you would like us to make any changes to the program, please contact us for further information.