Accurate, Reliable and Affordable Time and Attendance devices that simplify payroll tracking.

Stop wasting your time – and money – tracking employee time and attendance

We’ve partnered with some of the world’s largest time clock manufacturers, including ZKTeco and Allegion/Schlage to provide you with the solution that best suits your payroll needs today – and positions you for growth tomorrow.

All of our time clocks come with 30 days of Midex Time Control and free unlimited support* – no matter which plan you choose – for a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use time and attendance solution.

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Fingerprint Reader

Best suited for a cleaner type of environment, where employees’ hands do not get too dirty.

Eliminate Buddy Punching with biometric fingerprint scan
Internet-ready (WiFi or LAN)
Register up to 5,000 employees


Standalone biometric face recognition reader, fingerprint reader and proximity
card reader

Eliminate Buddy Punching with secure facial, fingerprint and proximity card recognition
Antimicrobial coating
Internet-ready (LAN & WiFi)
Stores 1,200 face templates, 2,000 fingerprint templates, 10,000 cards and 100,000 transactions
Built-in Proximity/RFID card reader and password identification method

Facial Recognition

The most effective way to eliminate time theft caused by buddy-punching.

Eliminate Buddy Punching with hands-free facial recognition
Internet-ready (LAN & WiFi)
Register up to 200 facial scans
Built-in Proximity/RFID card reader and password identification method


RFID/Proximity Card Reader

The least expensive reader, it can be used in any type of environment and can be integrated with any Fingerprint Reader & WiFi to eliminate Buddy-Punching.

Punch in with the wave of a card
Unique identification number, at least 26 bits long
Internet-ready (WiFi or LAN)
Includes 10 free wallet-sized RFID badges


Hand Punch

Uses hand geometry to verify the employee and eliminate buddy-punching. It can be used in any type of environment including where employees’ hands are often dirty or wet.

Eliminate Buddy Punching with biometric hand scan
Network Ready
Supports up to 32,512 employees
Includes 3 months Midex Time Control


Cloud-Based Time Clock

Midex Time Control subscribers can punch in and out using their web browser instead of a physical time clock.

Limit to an IP address or Geographic Location
Track employee location where they punch in
Compatible with all time clocks, web browsers and mobile devices
Free with any Midex Time Control subscription

Buy any time clock and get Midex Time Control Free for 3 months

Discover why Midex Time Control Software is the most efficient way to simplify all your time and attendance tracking needs

Easy to Use

Midex Time Control works seamlessly with HandPunch, Fingerprint, Facial recognition and Card Readers, to reduce payroll processing time, reclaim stolen hours, manage overtime, and eliminate manual input – and the human error that comes along with it.

Time Saver

Midex Time Control automatically generates a variety of reports, including payroll, timesheet and employee contact information so you get the answers you need faster than ever.

Free Data Migration

We will transfer up to 1 year of your existing data to Midex Time Control.

Free Support

Midex Software offers FREE unlimited support and maintenance on all our solutions – you’ll never experience long, costly downtimes.

Experienced Time and Attendance Specialists

With more than a decade in business, the Midex Software team has expertise in developing custom software solutions within the Time and Attendance industry, as well as providing IT consulting and support for healthcare, automotive, hospitality, manufacturing, and financial services.

Did you know: If you’re using antiquated tools such as spreadsheets, or paper, you could be making errors that increase your payroll costs and harm employee morale?

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*Requires active subscription to Midex Time Control.