Don’t lose sleep over lost payroll

Don't lose sleep

Ensure a smooth Daylight Saving Time (DST) transition for your workforce

It’s that time of year again, when we switch to Daylight Savings Time and adjust our clocks one hour ahead. This is typically done on a Sunday at 2 a.m. but may vary depending on the country.

While our internal body clocks adjust to the lost hour of sleep, your time and attendance solution needs to be adjusted as well – or your employees risk losing an hour of pay.

Some Time and Attendance software have a built-in time synchronization which will update the time on your clock when Daylight Saving Time is turned on or off.

First, you should find out if your Time Clock has a Daylight Saving Time feature. This function allows you to specify the date and time of DST and the Time Clock would automatically adjust time forwards. While this is a very helpful feature, you typically still need to adjust this setting every year to reflect the correct date.

Second, see if the Time and Attendance software that works with your Time Clock has functionality to automatically update time on the clock. 

If your Time Clock doesn’t have a Daylight Saving Time feature – or it’s not properly set up – then you will need to adjust the time manually. If your employees do not work overnight, then simply adjust the clock outside of business hours after everyone has punched out – ideally before everyone comes into work Monday morning.

It’s more complicated if your company works overnight on weekends – or if your Time and Attendance solution didn’t update before DST takes affect. If you adjust the time on your Time Clock during someone’s shift, then this person can gain – or lose – that extra hour. In this case, you also need to adjust your Time and Attendance Software, which can be complicated and time consuming depending on your device and how well it’s integrated with your software.

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Just because you lost an hour of sleep doesn’t mean you have to lose an hour of wages. Discover why Midex Time Control is the most efficient way to simplify all your time and attendance tracking needs. Try it free or book a demo.