Midex Time Control Video Tutorials

Midex Time Control Express – Getting Started…

This video will help you get started with Midex Time Control Express. In this tutorial you will see how to setup your company, departments and employees. We demonstrate using all methods of employee registrations: Web Time Clock, Manual, Import and Attendance Manager. And finally how to run reports in order to prepare data for your payroll.

Midex Time Control  – Using Paid Time Off

This video will help you learn how to use Paid Time Off (PTO) feature in Midex Time Control Premier and Enterprise. In this tutorial you will see how to add or edit PTO items, how to schedule and assign employees to PTO and how it is displayed in the Time Card report.

[flv:http://www.midextimeandattendance.com/wp-content/videos/PTOTutorial.f4v http://www.midextimeandattendance.com/wp-content/videos/PTOTutorial.png 640 360]