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Extended through January 2019

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Discover why Midex Time Control software is the most efficient way to simplify all your time and attendance tracking needs with our no-risk, FREE 30-day offer.

In fact, with many employees taking vacations, the holiday season is the perfect time to test drive our cloud-based attendance software. See how much time you’ll save with just the vacation scheduling feature alone!

4 More Reasons to Love Midex Time Control

Easy to Use

Our user-friendly interface gets timekeepers up and running quickly so they can start streamlining your attendance processes right away.

Time Saver

Midex Time Control automatically generates a variety of reports, including payroll, timesheet and employee contact information so you get the answers you need faster than ever.

Cost Effective

Midex Time Control works seamlessly with your HandPunch, Fingerprint, Facial recognition and Card Readers, to reduce payroll processing time, reclaim stolen hours, manage overtime, and eliminate manual input – and the human error that comes along with it.

Unlimited Support

Midex Software offers FREE unlimited support and maintenance on all our solutions so you’ll never experience long, costly downtimes.

Whether you’re a company of 10 or 10,000, let Midex show you how to work faster and smarter. What you do with all the time you save is up to you.
Midex Time Control Holiday

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