HandPunch uses hand geometry to take over 90 distinct measurements of employee’s hand (size and shape).  Measurements include length, width, thickness and surface area of the hand.  It does not read fingerprint or palm.

HandPunch one of the most robust biometric time clocks on the market for Time and Attendance solution.  It accurately identifies employees in the dirty, dusty and wet condition environment.  Identification takes less than 1 second allowing many employees to punch in and out for their work day.

How HandPunch works

  • Enter ID
  • Place hand on the hand platen
  • Camera captures the digital image of the hand
  • If verification was successful score is displayed
  • The lower the score, the close match to the stored template

How HandPunch works

Eliminate “Buddy Punching”

Hand Geometry

By using a HandPunch you will eliminate costly “buddy punching” since every person has to be present in order to punch in and out.  If you are still using Non-Biometric Time Clocks, there is a possibility that cards or passwords can be passed amongst co-workers who punch in or out for each other.

Eliminate unnecessary expenses

Since HandPunch does not require any cards, you will eliminate expenses associated with buying punch cards or replacing plastic cards that can be lost or damaged.

Eliminate Timecard


HandPunch can be used indoors and outdoors. In addition, since HandPunch does not scan employee’s hand, it can be used in environments where employees’ hands are dusty, dirty or wet (e.g. in factories, construction sites or repair shops).

HandPunch + Midex Time Control = Effective Time and Attendance Solution

By combining Midex Time Control (our Time and Attendance software) with a HandPunch you will minimize processing time and eliminate errors associated with manual calculation of employee hours.  After each employee punches in and out, all data is collected by Midex Time Control and becomes accessible to a management level personnel through a user-friendly interface.  Click on this link for more details about our Time and Attendance software.

HandPunch model comparison

We offer 4 different models of HandPunch:  HP1000, HP2000, HP3000 and HP4000.  To see specifications and comparison of all HandPunch models side by side follow this link.