Midex Software delivers a modern solution to an age-old challenge – tracking and reconciling employee hours. Say goodbye to manual, paper-based processes with cloud-based solution to suit any budget. Midex time and attendance solutions scale from small businesses with less than 25 employees, to most advanced, multi-user Enterprise experience for companies with multiple locations and thousands of employees.

Midex time and attendance software is ideal for businesses looking for an affordable solution that extends beyond time clocks. A cloud-based employee time tracking solution that works with Touchless Facial Reader, Touchless Palm Reader, Fingerprint ReaderHandPunch or Card Reader to reduce payroll processing time, reclaim stolen hours, manage overtime, and eliminate manual input – and the human error that comes along with it.


  • Automate and speedup payroll processing
  • Eliminate costly time-cards
  • Eliminate “Buddy Punching” with Biometric Time Clock
  • Control your employees’ attendance with rounding rules
  • Access to the Time and Attendance system from anywhere


  • Track multiple companies that can be spread throughout the world
  • One of the most advanced shift scheduling mechanism
  • Paid Time Off scheduling and accruals
  • Automatic rounding
  • Employee Portal
  • Generate Time Card with overtime, double overtime and paid time off calculations
  • Export data for automatic payroll processing
  • Find out when employees are late, leaving early or absent

Seeing is Believing

Whether you’re a company of 10 or 10,000, Midex Time and Attendance cloud-based solutions can help you work faster and smarter. Discover why Midex Time Control is the most efficient way to simplify all your time and attendance tracking needs.